A festival of Eclectic World Music, Poetry and the Arts Since 2011

Concept and Objectives

The Eastern Beats Music Society understands the need for a premier Folk Fusion Music festival in the region, which can showcase some of the best folk fusion artistes of the region, as well as master artists from across the world, especially the Southeast Asian countries (In a bid to conform to India’s Act East Policy), to the people of the region as well as those living outside, and also to facilitate interaction among musicians, professionals in the music industry and its allied trade industry, fans, music lovers and the like. 

This led to the creation of the highly premier property GUWAHATI INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL. The first two editions of the festival were held in 2011 and 2012 with the collaboration of a host of bodies under the Government of India, Government of Assam, Government of Goa, numerous PSUs and private organizations.

The 3rd Guwahati International Music Festival also has the following other major objectives:

  • To create a platform in Northeast India that showcases the best of regional folk fusion music.
  • To initiate cultural dialogues between artistes of various communities and States of Northeast India.
  • To enable folk fusion musicians and artists from the region to interact and perform with one another, thereby fuelling greater understanding and unity among people of different cultures.
  • To give people of the region the opportunity to witness some of the world’s, especially South East Asia’s, best folk artistes perform live in their very backyard.
  • To give Guwahati the distinction of being able to host a premier folk fusion music concert and thereby promote folk music tourism in the State.
  • To develop a sense of respect and appreciation amongst the people, especially the younger generation, for the oral and musical folk traditions of the various communities of Northeast India.
  • To help build up a strong foundation for the live music scenario in North East India, and to create a precedent that can be followed in other parts.
  • To wean away the youth from the negative influence of violence, insurgency, and apathy and to promote a culture of peace and positivism in the region through the power of music. 
  • To use the healing and nurturing qualities of music to spread unity and brotherhood amongst the people.


The 3rd Guwahati International Music Festival has been conceptualised by Eastern Beats Music Society (RN No: KAM (M)/ 240/A-21/112 of 2010). Registered with the Registrar of Societies, Assam, Eastern Beats Music Society has been working tirelessly with the motto of healing lives through music and the arts. Besides many events, the Eastern Beats Music Society had earlier organized two editions of the premier Guwahati International Music Festival 2011 and Guwahati International Music Festival 2012, which witnessed the participation of more than 1000 musicians from more than 6 countries from across the globe.

List of Few Artist who have Performed in GIMF till now:

  • Padmabhusan awardee Buddhadev Dasgupta
  • Sunita Bhuyan, Minoti Khaund
  • Rishii Chowhdury and Samyami Chowdhury (UK)
  • Brendan Power (UK)
  • Pt Bickram Ghosh (India)
  • Greg Ellis (USA)
  • Abe Thomas (USA)
  • Snehasish Mazumdar and SOM (India/ New York)
  • Hem Hazarika and Orchestra of 100 Suitars
  • Edwin Fernandes (Goa)
  • Mando Mogi troupe (Goa)
  • Guru Rewben Mashangwa (Manipur)
  • Mayukh Hazarika (New Delhi)
  • Laili Dutta (New Delhi)
  • Daniel Engty (Karbi folk musicologist)
  • Abhaya Subba and Steam Injuns (Nepal)
  • Manmohan Thapaliyal Sharma (Nepal)
  • Abhishruti Bezbarua (Assam, India)
  • Assam Bamboo Orchestra
  • Melodrama (Nagaland, India)
  • OFF (Nagaland)
  • UDX (Nagaland)
  • Scavenger Project (Nagaland)
  • Prasun Banerjee (Hindustani Vocals)
  • Harris Khan (Afghanistan)
  • Ralf Kamphuis (Germany)
  • Ambar Das, Rajib Kalita, Pragyan Barua
  • Tarun Kalita (Sarod)
  • Jeffrey Williams
  • Rishav Bhuyan
  • And many more