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Research and Documentation

Aiding Support to Research and Documentation of Oral Folk Traditions of Northeast India

Musical, Cultural and Sporting Events

Organisers of Numerous Cross-Cultural and Sporting Activities to Promote People-to-People Connectivity

Skilling and Empowerment

Eastern Beats School of Music and Rainbow Elementary Football Coaching Centre

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A Global Cultural Platform

Guwahati International Music Festival is the pioneering festival of Eastern India formed to promote cross-cultural exchange between NE India and the World

Skilling and Development

Eastern Beats believes in skilling youths of NE India in the realm of Sports and the Arts

Development Through Arts and Sports

Eastern Beats is the pioneering music society which harnesses the latent powers of music, sports and arts to unite people in strife-torn Northeast India

Eastern Beats School of Music

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Take some time and meet our Employees?

Take some time and meet our Employees?

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The Eastern Beats Music Society is a group of creative artists and working professionals from various disciplines brought together by the love for music, sports and the Arts. Formed with the basic objective of using the latent and healing power of music and sports to heal lives in strife-torn areas and bring in development and progress to rural, underdeveloped areas and in the lives of the marginalised, the society has been promoting good musical forms and local talents in the field of Music, Art and Sports as well. 

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